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Performs a wide variety of tweaks to optimize the PC's performance
Guest — 4 years ago
At first it works well, but after some time Your PC slows down.
sagnik das — 7 years ago
fixes almost all computer errors.
Unknown Planet — 7 years ago
Useful Cleaner..
Guest — 7 years ago
smart software
Guest — 7 years ago
Very good helper
Shohom — 8 years ago
Guest — 8 years ago
EXCEPTIONAL software, my XP/IE7 is now at its best and my old pc flies! I want to underline to all self-made users as I am that it resolves all yr usual pro blems, teaching you meanwhile how to improve and update yr pc! It's absolute ly worth of of its price, reliable, quick and easy to use! I suggest everybody to use it. owl.elena
Guest — 8 years ago
Best player
Guest — 8 years ago
Guest — 8 years ago
dergiu — 8 years ago
Malcolm — 8 years ago
Best program on my PC. Would recommend it to anyone -Honestly!
Ridi Graz — 8 years ago
Keeps my PC in form
lalaboyz09@yahoo.com — 8 years ago
good scan
Syed — 8 years ago
I leave my PC in hands of this software.
Win — 8 years ago
Since 2008, it's kept my computer working great!
Guest — 9 years ago
very good
Chang — 9 years ago
Easy to use and lot of utilities
Guest — 9 years ago
This program managed to solve a shutdown issue I had for months in a snap. It disabled unnecessary functions and services and now my PC boots faster. Recommend it!
Guest — 9 years ago
Good job
Guest — 9 years ago
Emil Olandria — 9 years ago
nice computer care
Zoltan Toth — 9 years ago
Guest — 9 years ago
Its very very helpful for system
Guest — 9 years ago
too poor
Guest — 9 years ago
the best optimizer
Guest — 9 years ago
Simple to use and it's is effective
Wallflower Global Limited — 9 years ago
great utility
kale — 9 years ago
Great set of utils
itstudent — 9 years ago
Works great but a bit slow startup
Guest — 9 years ago
very good
Shubhankar — 10 years ago
it keeps our system better
kash — 10 years ago
superb Software.
William R. Wallker — 10 years ago
Best windows clean up & repair product I've found plus it allows you to change all your screens,Boot, start up,Icons, all of it to suit your own taste. try Stardock.com, they work perfect together
Tuberk KutLu — 10 years ago
Great prog ^^
Guest — 10 years ago
Marcela — 10 years ago
its excelent
Guest — 10 years ago
the best tune prog.
Guest — 10 years ago
very nice
Nomad Soul — 10 years ago
Very complicated tool to clean you PC.
Ankur Panchani — 10 years ago
It is good for PC.
The DeViL — 10 years ago
useful tool to clear your windows
Barry Ward — 10 years ago
Only got the free version for 30 days - what a difference it has made so far.
ajho — 10 years ago
i used this program and it's good
Adrian Winata on Windows 7 — 10 years ago
It contains a lot of features
Radek H — 10 years ago
O.K. super
Guest — 10 years ago
very good
MultiWebSearch — 10 years ago
Great program but it defrag your machine automatic... you cant turn this off in the program.
Guest — 10 years ago
hamzati — 10 years ago
nice program
luka — 10 years ago
great utility program
ajax777 — 11 years ago
Except for the Registry Cleaner everything is fine.
The best program in Windows. Easy and quick to use. Customizable interface.
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