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TuneUp Utilities 4.1.2318

System optimizer. Accessible registry cleaning, disk-space cleaning and more
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This program can make Windows run like a clockwork, even if you are installing and uninstalling new apps like there’s no tomorrow.
It’s not a secret that literally all applications need to be somehow endorsed into the Windows registry and their entries stay there until you reinstall Windows from scratch! As registry grows, it takes Windows more time to process it, and this leads to many disruptions in the performance of different programs.
Tune Up Utilities wipes out all the obsolete information in the registry making it more compact and easy-to-process, which results in a better performance of almost every app in the book.
Since the program is called Tune Up Utilities, it features numerous other tools for optimizing your system:
- “1-Click Maintenance” provides quick cleansing of entire system from bugs, such as aforementioned registry issues, obsolete application data and unneeded temporary files. It also checks the registry integrity to detect structural errors.
- “Customize and analyze” bookmark lets you choose between functionality and good-looking of the Windows system, do some bossing in the start-up manager, see the whole system info (processor, mother-board, video-card type etc.) and take advantage of the so-called WinStyler, that empowers you to come creatively to your operations shell and change its appearance by downloading new (and IMHO cool) logon screens, icons for “My computer”, "Recycle bin", change icon to "Favorites" folder. And you will be also allowed to change many signatures of system elements, which are locked on default. (Ever fancied rewriting “My computer” to “My Everready Powerstation”?)
- “Clean and Repair” bookmark will allow you to oversee the whole hard-drive space and find out which files are the most weightfull and are first candidates to deletion. And it's here, where you check the registry’s integrity and clean it of the no-needed increments.
- “Optimize and Improve” option enables you to clean some RAM-space, defragment the registry and launch the system-performance optimizer, which makes Windows perform faster even with many apps running.
- “Administer & Control” bookmark includes process manager, registry editor and uninstall manager.
- “File Recovery & Destruction” features TuneUp Shredder (deletes files with no chance of restoration, also can be inserted into context menu of every file) and TuneUp Undelete (for all the files that are not shredded).
One of the useful features is “Rescue Center”, that gives user the possibility to restore the entire system (if a nasty crash occurs) to the date, at which the backup-copy of the system was created. (this is done automatically every day or two)
TuneUp Utilities 2004 also includes “UpdateWizard”. But it isn’t very helpfull because of the rarely-coming updates.
And of course the program allows you to set some preferences, like launching it at the Windows startup, choosing which of the treatment then to perform, which options to integrate into the shell etc.

Review summary


  • Every feature in the application has a separate icon in the installation folder, that can be launched independently from the main program
  • Very many different opportunities in one bundle: cleaning, performance optimizing and styling
  • Rescue Center saved me from reinstalling the Windows a couple of times!
  • Integrated "System Info" gives you a good look at what your computer really is


  • Some other optimization programs I've seen perform optimizations faster than this one
  • Simple reg-optimizing requires rebooting
  • Colorful stylish icons everywhere, like you are trippin' on LSD or something. Makes you forget what you wanted to do just now and go explore the whole program losing time say on videogames! ;)
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